Upcoming Event: Dan Reisler to Speak at an OBA Institute Program Next Week

Expert reports play a big role in the practice of law, especially insurance law. Do you know the ins and outs of how to effectively and efficiently use expert reports? Areas of insurance law in Ontario have changed significantly in the past year. Are you confident that you fully grasp the impact these changes have on your daily practice?

Windsor Acquisition

Reisler Franklin, one of Ontario’s leading Insurance Defence and General Litigation firms, announces the acquisition of the well-respected Windsor-based law firm, Donaldson Donaldson Greenaway.

International Conflicts of Service

Stacey Hsu and Daniel Reisler of Reisler Franklin, comment on an interesting Court of Appeal Decision where the Gutierrez patriarch attempts to validate service of a claim on his Guatemalan family … only the method of service is illegal in Guatemala.
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