Why not be a part of the Reisler Law PC team?

It is cliché to say that our people represent our strength. But it’s true.

At Reisler Law PC, we believe strongly in mentoring and career development. Our senior lawyers and experienced associates will give generously of their time to more junior lawyers and students. We focus on in-house, hands-on education, in addition to supporting attendance at outside CLE programs.

Whenever possible we bring junior lawyers, students or clerks to motions, discoveries, pre-trial conferences, mediations, arbitrations and trials. We encourage and educate our clients as to the importance and value of having this kind of assistance.

We also believe in giving students and lawyers as much responsibility as possible. In fact, our promise to our clients is that their work will be handled as cost effectively as possible. This means giving files and assignments to students and lawyers as soon as they are able to handle them. This results in high quality legal service, because of our commitment to open communication, formal and informal supervision and the constant sharing of knowledge and ideas.

At our firm, we foster career growth. We believe that the confidence and loyalty we show to our own lawyers will be reflected in the confidence and loyalty we enjoy from our clients.

If you’re interested in joining our team, you may submit your resume to:

J. Telesford
Director of Administration and HR
Reisler Law Professional Corporation
375 University Avenue, Suite 900
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 2J5

– Reisler Law PC has an immediate opening for a talented and motivated Associate Lawyer to join our team on a contract or full time basis. See our LinkedIn Job post for full details.