Law Times Article: Social host liability case must go to trial

Dan Reisler was once again quoted in the Law Times. Below is an excerpt from the article written by Alex Robinson entitled Social host liability case must go to trial. 


Daniel Reisler, the lawyer representing the defendants in the case, says he thinks judges have been particularly tepid to rule on summary judgment motions.

“Particularly in damages actions, there has always been a sense that people should have their day in court,” he says.

“That may have been reasonable when we had more judicial resources relative to the amount of litigation. We’re not in that situation anymore. I don’t think we can afford to let every case go to trial.”

He added that the decision shows that no matter how strong the liability case you have is, a damages action with serious injuries remains very difficult to win on a summary judgment motion. While there has never been a finding of social host liability in Canada, the lawyer for the plaintiffs, Leonard Kunka, says he is encouraged by Matheson’s decision.


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