Successful Trial Win for Reisler Law PC

Reisler Law PC is pleased to report that Daniel Reisler and Stacey Hsu were successful after a 4 week trial in Hamilton before Justice Lofchik and a jury. The case involved a 19 year old female who was a passenger in a motor vehicle accident. The Plaintiff sued the Defendants for over $1,000,000. Liability was admitted before the trial. The opposing law firm was the Morris Law Group of Hamilton.

At the time of the accident, the Plaintiff was a high school dropout and was unemployed. After the MVA, she completed high school, earned her diploma in Personal Support Work and started working at a retirement home as a PSW. She stopped working before the trial and then went on maternity leave shortly after. She alleged chronic pain and psychological injuries as a result of the motor vehicle accident. Plaintiff’s experts included Drs. Ko and Lawson of FASTEC.

On March 6, 2018, the jury returned a verdict of $50,000 for the Plaintiff’s pain and suffering. They awarded zero for all other heads of damages (past loss of income, future loss of income, loss of competitive advantage, future medical and rehabilitation expenses, housekeeping expenses). The net result is a judgment of zero taking into account the deductible and a small advance payment that had been made. The offer before trial was $150,000 plus costs. The defendants were awarded costs of the entire action on a partial indemnity scale. The instructing insurer was TD Insurance.

Two of the medical witnesses were examined from a remote location by Skype. This went quite smoothly thanks to the very well-equipped Courtroom 606 at the John Sopinka Courthouse, and co-operation between counsel.

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